Guy Oranim, Chief Executive Officer

Guy Oranim, along with business partner, Sharon Rechter, conceptualized and co-founded BabyFirstTV, the first and only television channel in the U.S. dedicated to providing rich, innovative educational content designed to enhance baby's development in a delightful and engaging way. A combined background in television programming and advertising, and a shared passion for child development sparked their foray into this area.

As the chief executive officer, Oranim brings a wealth of leadership and strategic insight to BabyFirstTV gained from his broad background in advertising and market research. Serving as executive vice president (based in Israel) for one of the leading international ad agencies, BBDO Advertising, he drove strategic planning and product initiatives for several global lifestyle brands including PepsiCo, Kimberly-Clark, and Hertz to name a few. He also co-authored a market research book Researchers Speak – Marketing Research and Its Implications, which illustrates the importance of market research, consumer behavior and trends, and marketing ethics.

Oranim received both his bachelor of law (L.L.B.) and his M.B.A. in marketing and international business from Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Sharon Rechter, EVP, Business Development and Distribution

Sharon Rechter, along with business partner, Guy Oranim, conceptualized and co-founded BabyFirst. In her role as executive vice president, she leads the business development and distribution of the Network – via television, mobile and cinema with a clear passion to bring quality, new educational programming to families of babies and toddlers.

Rechter has a broad background in television programming and prior to this roll has served as the vice president and head of operations for The Israeli Network (the Israeli television channel in the U.S.). She was responsible for the general management of the network, and focused on areas including business development, advertising and subscriptions. Before entering the television broadcast industry, Rechter headed the strategic planning department at GNS Advertising in Israel where she was responsible for developing strategic plans for a variety of lifestyle brands.

Rechter received her B.A. in business administration from the Arison School of Business and her L.L.B in law from the Radziner School of Law, both at The Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya in Israel.

Karl Knepley, CFO & EVP

Karl Knepley has been with BabyFirst since 2006. His creative, strategic planning contributed to BabyFirst being one of the fastest growing basic cable networks in U.S. history.

With over 25 years cable network experience, Knepley has served as a C-level executive in the successful launch of four independent cable networks in the US. He previously worked for Comcast for 13 years as a financial & programming executive and participated in over $7 billion of cable, telephone, and content acquisitions.

Knepley received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from Pennsylvania State University graduating with highest distinction on an Arthur H. Carter scholarship for academic and leadership achievement. He became a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Pennsylvania with a Big Six firm.

Arik Kerman, EVP, Programming and Digital

Arik Kerman serves as Executive vice president, Programming and New media at BabyFirst.

Arik was part of the core team that launched BabyFirst where he is responsible for overseeing all areas of programming strategy, original programming development, production and acquisitions.

As seasoned industry veteran, Arik has more than 15 years experience producing major network, prime time and cable programs as well as documentaries and children’s programming.

Arik has a B.A. in communications and management and an M.B.A. in general management from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, The Netherlands.

Itamar Daube, VP, Creative

Itamar Daube has been BabyFirst's head of creative since its launch in 2006. In the past six years, he has supervised and created more than 50 animation series, and developed the channel's on and off the air packaging & branding. As part of his role he oversees the art department which is responsible for generating the graphic presentations of the company.

Daube has 12 years of experience in the visual communication industry, mastering a broad variety of media and content platforms – from cellular games and Web development to TV animated series, advertising and branding.

Daube also serves as head of the illustration & animation department in Shenkar School of design, Tel Aviv - and as a freelance editorial illustrator working regularly with leading newspapers & magazines.

Daube received his B.A in Design with honors, from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

Kristin Feltz, VP, Marketing

Kristin Feltz joined BabyFirst prior to its launch in 2006 and marketed the network from inception to its present day distribution to over 80 million homes worldwide. Feltz has led the marketing efforts including social media, advertising, public relations, promotions and more.

Feltz has 12 years of experience in PR and marketing and previously held positions in various industries including for-profit education companies: Kaplan and Knowledge Universe.

Feltz obtained her B.A. in marketing, psychology and public relations at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on a Wisconsin Academic Excellence Higher Education Valedictorian Scholarship.