What is the BabyFirst website?
The BabyFirst website is your toddler’s very own site – the only place online that he or she can go where everything is made just for them. The music, colors, animation, and videos are completely customized for little ones - They can even move around the site all by themselves with our special 2Key Touch system. We have three areas for you and your family to explore: Playground – Take a trip to the playground to play with all kinds of games that are just right for your toddler. Explore colors with Rainbow Horse and Petey the Paintbrush or discover animals with Tillie Knock Knock. The Playground is a world of exploration and fun! BabyU – It's time for roll call! BabyU features a line of activities that have been created by top experts. Each activity aims to introduce your child to language, art, music and numbers. You can even track your child’s progress. Video – Pick any video you want to watch that introduces fun concepts such as music, numbers, words, animals, colors and more. Or choose to surf through over 10 different “channels” with various themes. You will find all your favorite characters from the BabyFirstTV channel, too.
What age should my child be to play with the BabyFirst website?
The BabyFirst website was designed for children ages 18 months and older.
What is the philosophy behind the BabyFirst website?
The BabyFirst website has been developed to enhance the blossoming relationship between parents and children in two ways: 1. To provide parents with tools that aim to increase attention and focus with their children 2. To explore critical thinking skills
Who are the top experts behind the BabyFirst website?
BabyFirst works with experts in the fields of child development, early childhood education and child psychology. You can learn all about the team that helps develop BabyFirst videos, games and activities Click here to learn more
What is BabyU?
BabyU is a place for your child to explore! You can select which activities you’d like to introduce to your toddler. Each activity even comes with a progress report so you can track all the amazing things your child is doing.
What can my child experience at BabyU?
BabyU introduces 1. Numbers and math 2. Language and vocabulary 3. Art and music 4. Critical thinking (coming soon) 5. Computer literacy (coming soon) Activities are constructed in a way that meets a child’s needs, abilities and limited attention span. Each activity, 5-7 minutes long, is made up of video clips, children's songs, rhymes, and games designed to compliment the theme.
How does it work?
The BabyFirst website uses the computer as a tool to introduce children to basic concepts. Since operating a keyboard might be difficult for toddlers, BabyFirst has created a first-of-its kind system that allows young children to move through the games, videos and activities all on their own. By using the 2Key Touch, your child can use the Space and Enter keys to operate the entire website. Check out the 2Key Touch tutorial - Click here to learn more
Can a child work independently? Does it require adult assistance?
Yes, the BabyFirst website is designed for your child to move throughout the site independently if you desire. Utilizing the 2Key Touch system described above – it’s the first website truly made for children under three years old. BabyFirst encourages adult involvement during the introduction of the site to your child to help him/her get comfortable with it. Also, it’s a fun and new way to spend time together.
How can I be involved in my child’s BabyU experience?
Your involvement is highly recommended. By working with your child, you can definitely enhance the BabyU experience. Try repeating and reinforcing new concepts alongside your child – it can help your child’s experience while you bond and have fun together.
What is BabyFirst Video?
BabyFirst Video is the online companion to the BabyFirstTV network, the leading TV channel for babies and parents. BabyFirst Video allows you to watch all your favorite programs, characters and more - all online, anytime you want. BabyFirst viewers have asked for it, and now – it’s here!
Do I have to pay to use BabyFirst Video?
You can always watch some of the great programming on BabyFirst Video for free. If you would like to watch all of the site's content, programs and characters, you may want to buy access to all channels. To subscribe: Click here
How do I search for shows I like?
It’s never been easier to find the shows and characters you love! Just choose a channel or type the name of the show in the search box. Search results will allow you to click on a link and watch right away. You also get great suggestions for activities and other fun things related to the show or character.
Do I have to be connected to the internet to watch BabyFirst Video?
Yes, we are a streaming service.
Can I watch BabyFirst Video from any computer?
Sure, no problem. Your child can now watch BabyFirst Video while visiting grandparents or friends! Enter your user/password to access your account from any computer.
How can I pay?
To subscribe: Click here You can pay with any credit card or via PayPal
Is the BabyFirst website payment system safe?
We use PayPal for the shop and subscription, and verisign so we are completely safe to use. BabyFirst thinks of your child's safety first, so all our systems are built to provide maximum security. During the purchase process you can see the green https:// - shows you that this site is at maximum security.
What is the Game area?
Take a trip to the Games area to play with all kinds of games that are just right for your toddler. Explore colors with Rainbow Horse and Petey the Paintbrush or discover animals with Tillie Knock Knock. The Games area is a world of exploration, adventure and fun!
How can I find the Items I want?
It’s easy! Simply type the character or product you’re looking for in the Search box, and the BabyFirst Shop will point you to the right direction. Or you can browse the Shop by clicking on the categories on the top menu bar. Within each category you can sort the items by Name or Price.
How do I add Items to my Shopping Cart
Once you are in the item's page you can adjust the quantity of the item which you would like to order. You will see an 'Add to Cart' button, click the button to add the item to your shopping cart.
How do I proceed to Checkout?
Take a moment to review all of the items you've placed in your Shopping Cart. If you decide that you don't want to purchase a particular item right away, remove it from your cart. When you're ready to place your order, click the “Proceed to Checkout" button.
How do I Sign In/Create a New Account?
In the Shop, go to My Account and click the green button “Create an Account”. Enter your name, email and create a password.
How do I review and submit my order?
At any time, go to My Cart to review everything in your cart. Click “Proceed to Checkout” to submit your order.
Tax and Shipping
Tax: Sales Tax is computed according to state and federal tax laws. Shipping: All orders are shipped via the US Postal Service. Shipping and handling is $8 for each order.
How do I enter a Shipping Address?
Enter your shipping address in step 1 of the checkout process. If your shipping address is the same as your billing address, check the box that says "ship to this address". If your shipping address is different than your billing address, click "new address" in the drop down menu below the checkbox.
How do I check my Order Status?
While in the Shop, click Home and then click My Account on the right-hand side. You will see the status of your recent orders.
Returns and Refunds
BabyFirst will refund the full amount for any product purchased at the BabyFirst Shop that arrives damaged or faulty.
Where do we ship to?
For now the BabyFirst shop can ship only to the US and Canada.
What can I do in the site if I don`t want to pay
Some parts of the site are always free! Playground: You can play with everything there Videos: Your family can view a selection of videos BabyU: You and your child will be able to participate in some activities Free activities and content are changing all the time, so as you explore our site, you will see on-screen what is free and what is not. Have fun!
What if I am already subscribed to the BabyFirst channel?
We would like to reassure you that many portions of the website are still free. You and your children can play ALL of the games in the Games area, print out activities from the Goodies section, watch some videos (two in each channel) and also take part in one activity in each block in BabyU. As you may have noticed, the new site includes many additional features such as over 10 different video channels and BabyU - a brand new place for your child to explore over 60 different activities. As a valuable TV subscriber, you would be able to get access to all of the site for just $1.99 a month. It's a discounted rate just for families that watch on TV. We will continue to strive to offer you the best value for your money, and commercial-free.
How is the TV channel subscription different from the website membership?
The TV channel subscription and the website membership are two separate products. The BabyFirst website is a new way to interact with the characters you love from BabyFirstTV! It goes beyond television and offers games and interactive activities. If you currently pay your cable or satellite provider each month to get BabyFirstTV, you qualify for a discount. The website membership is just $1.99 a month for current BabyFirstTV subscribers.
Technical Help
Minimum requirements
System Requirements BabyFirstTV wishes to provide your child with the most entertaining and contributing experience we can, using animation, video and elaborate client-side scripting. This requires us to make an extensive use of updated technology and connectivity while trying to support a broad range of hardware and software systems. Our system requirements include: Browsers The following browsers have been tested and found compliant with our site's scripting requirements: Internet Explorer 7 or higher Firefox 3 or higher Google Chrome 6 or higher Safari 5 or higher Cookie and Javascript support must be enabled for the babyfirsttv.com site on your browser. Adobe Flash Player Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher. You can download the latest Adobe Flash player from the Adobe website. System requirements for latest Adobe Flash player are available here. Internet connection speed: The recommended connection speed for proper user experience is at least 2Mb/s download and 0.2Mb/s upload. You can test your connection performance at the SpeedTest.net web site.
The site seems to be slow, what can I do?
For faster viewing, you may want to try connecting to a broadband Internet provider (see minimum requirement) You can also try and improve your viewing experience by the following: • If you are watching videos with a wireless connection - try to connect directly to the internet or near the Wi-Fi router for a better signal. • Check to see if you are running applications which are taking up a lot of space and/or memory. Try to close any other video applications or flash applications for a smoother experience. • Try closing any open tabs in your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc) If you are still having problems, let us know! support@babyfirsttv.com
My iPad app loses the picture, but I can still hear sound
This problem happens due to low network bandwidth, it is the iPad's audio-only mode, that Apple requires. Please test on other connections Wifi/3G or a different location.
Mobile: If I have more than one iPhone/iPod do I need to buy 2 subscriptions?
If you own more than one device you do NOT need to buy more than one subscription. We allow you the ability to use your subscription on another device. To use this feature go to the ACCOUNT tab in the parent mode and click on the MY BABYFIRST ACCOUNT button. Open an account with us by clicking on the OPEN ACCOUNT button. Then go to your other device and go once again to the ACCOUNT tab in the parent mode. Click on the MY BABYFIRST ACCOUNT button and click LOGIN. Use the same username and password you set up in the previous device to login and your subscription will then automatically work on this device.
Mobile: Sometimes the videos take a long time to load. Why does it happen and what can I do about it
Loading time of the videos depends on the quality of your internet connection. If you're experiencing slow loading times this means your internet connection may be weak. BabyFirst Mobile requires a high-speed internet connection WiFI or 3G. Please consult with your carrier's website to learn more about 3G coverage and the quality of the connection near you.
Mobile: Why do I sometimes see a grey screen and only hear audio with no video?
The application constantly checks your connection quality, in some cases where the connection quality is very low the application will only be able to provide you with the audio. In case the connection improves the video will automatically resume. BabyFirst Mobile requires a high-speed internet connection WiFI or 3G. Please consult with your carrier's website to learn more about 3G coverage and the quality of the connection near you
Mobile: Why do videos freeze and/or stop abruptly sometimes?
The application constantly checks your connection quality, in some cases where there is a sudden drop or disconnection from the internet the video may freeze or stop abruptly. BabyFirst Mobile requires a high-speed internet connection WiFI or 3G. Please consult with your carrier's website to learn more about 3G coverage and the quality of the connection near you.
Me and BabyFirst
How do I sign up?
Click here to register and get started today! It's simple, all you need to do is enter your name, email address, find a password (no less than 6 characters) and you are in! (Make sure you marked the "I read and accept the terms of use" and "I'm over 13" check boxes)
How can I bookmark BabyFirst site?
You can save the BabyFirst site in your browser and visit it again anytime! Look for “Bookmarks”, “Favorites” to add BabyFirst to your bookmarks list, you can also create a shortcut from your desktop for easy opening.
Are there any tips on talking about the program with my toddler?
Talk to your toddler about what he saw on television in the same way you would talk to him about what he saw at the park or at the library. For example, chat about the pretty flowers, fluffy bunnies, noisy birds, story-time, etc. Keep the conversation light and relaxed.
Can my child distinguish between fictional characters and reality?
Under the age of three, the toddler’s boundaries between fantasy and reality can become blurred. When you watch a program with your child, you can actively point out the difference between fantasy and reality to help him understand this important distinction.
How much time per day should my baby or toddler watch TV?
There is no exact answer to this very important question. In addition to the length of viewing time, the quality, diversity and appropriateness of the programs also play a huge part in this decision. Most importantly, parents should use their best judgement in determining the amount of time they allow their child to watch TV and they should always try to co-view with their child when possible. Remember, babies’ attention span is very short – so bear this in mind when allocating viewing time.
What type of programming or content does BabyFirstTV offer?
BabyFirstTV offers interactive programming for parents and their children which is created by top experts. Featuring original content and video-on-demand capabilities, viewers can enter a world of imagination and creativity, with original stories, characters and music that engage and delight. As part of our line-up, we also offer popular and award-winning baby DVD brands, including Baby Einstein™ and others. Our network provides opportunities for parents and babies to explore and play together and it features a safe and positive environment.
What makes BabyFirstTV unique compared to other children’s programming and DVDs?
What makes BabyFirstTV unique is that it is the first cable and satellite network in the U.S to offer high-quality content for babies and their parents when and where they want it, and we also offer interactive tools to help babies and parents explore and play together. In addition, BabyFirstTV provides positive, friendly content including programming from award-winning baby DVDs such as Baby Einstein™ and others. BabyFirstTV offers the following unique programming elements that provide a safe and enjoyable experience for both parents and babies: • Support of top experts • Original content, such as “Rainbow Horse,” Sandman,” “I Can Sign.” This is less repetition for baby than a single DVD, which features 20-30 minutes of content • Award-winning content from popular DVD brands • Interactive subtitles to guide parents as they interact with baby • A color-coded programming guide to demonstrate the focus of each segment • Stimulating daytime and soothing night/naptime content • Comprehensive content which is adaptable to children of various ages • Programming geared toward parents offering tips and advice
What age group should watch BabyFirst TV?
BabyFirstTV is an interactive tool for parents to engage their babies and toddlers. Our content is specifically tailored for babies three years and younger and provides a safe, positive environment. For overall TV viewing, we recommend it is done in a balanced, responsible manner.
How can I subscribe?
BabyFirstTV is currently available via DIRECTV, DISH Network and select cable markets. To find out if BabyFirstTV is available in your area, click on the "Get It On TV" tab at the top of this page or call 1-888-251-BABY.
My cable operator doesn’t offer BabyFirstTV, what should I do?
We are working hard to expand our distribution and to increase the number of carriers and locations. If you would like to be notified when your cable or satellite provider offers BabyFirstTV, check the TV area in the site.
How does BabyFirstTV find and produce its content?
For over two years, we worked with many creators/producers and educators to develop a variety of programs which would be safe and positive for children. For some of the programs, we also incorporated the popular DVD brands such as Brainy Baby™. In addition, we have a content partnership with Sterling Publishing (owned by Barnes and Noble) to incorporate many children’s books into their “Story Time” program. All of our content is supported and supervised by a team of leading child development experts
What if my family does not speak English?
BabyFirstTV is now available in Spanish through SAP! Now, a diverse range of parents are able to keep in touch with their original language. In addition, you can see BabyFirst programming here in various languages - just click on the Video tab.