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Thanks for checking out the BabyFirst website. We're so happy you decided to spend some time playing and exploring with us. This part of the site is just for you…. You can learn more about the website, the TV channel and even our mobile apps. Take a look around and let us know what you think.

Our Programming

Welcome to the BabyFirst website. Now, there's a truly safe place where toddlers can play and explore all on their own… or with you - their favorite playmate! Take a look around. It's really more like a game than a website. You'll find adorable characters, catchy music, brilliantly bright videos and so much more as your child is introduced to basics such as numbers, animals, colors and more.

Here's what you will find

BabyU Baby U: It's time for roll call! Baby U is your child's first fun-filled journey into the worlds of numbers, language, art and more! You can select which items you'd like to introduce to your toddler. Maybe you want to explore Colors or the Animals. Each even comes with a progress report so you can track all the amazing things your child is doing. Check it out here!

Video Video: Watch online now! You and your family can watch hundreds of videos made specifically for babies and toddlers. Create your own playlist or flip through channels such as "Harry's Channel", "Music Channel" and even "Hindi Channel". Here's your remote... happy surfing!

Games Games: It's playtime! Your baby or toddler can enjoy dozens of games and activities all on their own using our special 2Key Touch navigation! With just two buttons, they can play with Tillie the Duck and meet her animal friends. Or maybe they will visit Petey the Paintbrush to color the world around him. You can even set the level that's best for you child. Take a look now!