Blogger Tip
Share your knowledge and get on TV! BabyFirstTV announces the Blogger Tip of the Day! It’s your chance to share your blog and parenting advice with the world.

It’s simple…

  • Prepare a minimum of 3 parenting tips that you would like to share
  • Read and sign the below submission agreement
  • Send us an email here. Be sure to include:
    • Your photo (JPG, 100K or smaller)
    • Your 3 parenting tips
    • Your blog’s URL
    • The signed submission form

BabyFirstTV will contact you when your tip is ready to air on TV!

Submission Agreement

  • Each tip needs to be 30 words or less
  • Content should focus on parenting children between the ages of 0-3
  • Refrain from using any definitive statements, claims or promises
  • Content should be relevant to all families around the world (regardless of culture, religion, ethnicity, etc)