Experience BabyFirstTV

Welcome to BabyFirstTV! We know that there is nothing more special to you as a parent than the connection with your baby. We are delighted to offer you a series of engaging, programs designed to enrich your relationship with your baby by providing you with new opportunities for exploring and playing together.

BabyFirstTV goes above and beyond traditional TV – it's a whole world of exploration that provides a positive environment and an engaging experience for both you and your baby. Supported by leading childhood experts, our programming features original new content including "Rainbow Horse," "Sandman," and "I Can Sign" to name a few.

With your baby's safety and well being in mind, we offer content specifically tailored for babies and toddlers up to three years of age, in a safe and positive, commercial-free environment.

Our Programming

When taking a journey into BabyFirstTV, you will encounter an ever-changing world of delightful stories, characters, animals, music, art, nature, language, colors and real-world objects.

A few elements of our programming that we are especially proud of include:

Original and Award-winning Content: We feature 80 percent original content customized for infants and toddlers from six months to three years old, as well as popular and award-winning baby DVD brands, including Baby Einstein at a fraction of the price of traditional DVDs.

Interactive Subtitles: We offer subtitles for parents to suggest ways that you can interact with your baby during the programs, whether it's counting together or singing the ABCs.

Color-coded Programming Guide: In order to help inform you about the focus of each segment, we have created a unique color-coded system to highlight programs that are geared towards language, numbers, sensory play and other areas of development.

Multi-layer Content: Our shows appeal to younger babies and older toddlers simultaneously, so children at various levels and age groups can focus on something different within the same program.

24/7 Programming: We offer 24/7 programming, as well as video-on-demand (VOD) capabilities to help provide you with access to our programming when and where you need it. We also offer content for different times of the day – daytime programs engage and delight, while nighttime content can help soothe your baby as she prepares for sleep.

Best Value for Your Money: We offer hundreds of hours of high-quality programming for a fraction of the price of existing DVD/video content. Our monthly fee ($4.99) is lower than a single baby-branded DVD.

How Was BabyFirstTV Born?

With substantial experience in market research, advertising and television programming, founders, Guy Oranim and Sharon Rechter, created BabyFirstTV in 2003. Through this experience, they learned about the value of early childhood educational programming and its positive impact on a child's development during the early years. They also learned how parents struggled to find affordable, accessible resources that provide quality, age-appropriate content for their young children.

Through relationships developed throughout their careers, they created an extensive network of early childhood development and broadcast industry experts, enabling them to readily recruit a leading group of authorities to bring BabyFirstTV to life. Today, under the guidance of top experts in child psychology, early childhood education and children's programming, BabyFirstTV is born, providing a safe trusted tool for parents everywhere.

Our Philosophy

The early years are a very significant time in your baby's life and studies show that most of the brain is developed by the age of 3. During this important time, we recommend utilizing as many resources as possible to help with your baby's growth. BabyFirst is one of the countless tools at your disposal to aid in this journey.

BabyFirst is a safe, positive and friendly resource and provides an engaging experience for baby during their first stages of life. The content has been approved by top experts in child development, education and psychology, and is free of violence and over-stimulating content.

We are a strong believer in responsible viewing and advise parents to supervise how long their baby watches television. We recommend balancing your time with TV viewing and other enjoyable activities such as reading or playing outside. For specific parental guidelines on balanced viewing, download our Parent's Manual at link.