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BabyFirstTV's Parent & Baby 3 DVD Collection

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Product Description

From a simple exercise routine to a new way for your baby to say simple words, the Parent & Baby 3 DVD Collection provides new ways for parents and babies to have fun learning new things together. This 3 disc set includes My Gym at Home: Fun with Monique, Baby D.I.Y. and I Can Sign.

Disc Set Includes:
My Gym at Home: Fun with Monique - This DVD invites parents and babies everywhere to play together, have fun and discover the many advantages of a steady exercise routine. Join Monique as she guides you and your child through developmental exercise routines.
Baby D.I.Y.- This DVD was created to bestow a whole new creative world of fun for you and your baby. This DVD will introduce your baby to new foods, smells and textures to excite his/her senses and help build fine motor skills.
I Can Sign - This DVD invites you to learn how to use sign language to converse with your baby even before he/she can speak actual words! With I Can Sign, you will give your baby the precious gift of self-expression.

Running Time: Approx. 45 minutes/DVD.
BabyFirstTV's Parent & Baby 3 DVD Collection