Numbers Around The Globe
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Numbers Around The Globe

Follow different animals from around the globe on a counting adventure. Whether your baby is watching a cuddly Polar Bear at the North Pole, or a fuzzy Koala in the rain forest, the magic of counting will be brought to life. The high energy brought to the show by its cute characters helps baby learn number recognition from one all the way to five. So come with us on an adventure around the globe.

Program Schedule
See what time Numbers Around The Globe is playing!
2:30 PM - 3:59 PM
3:34 PM
Program Viewing Tips
  • To make counting more concrete for your child, use fingers, toes, or count your child’s toys!
  • Explain that the animals are exercising so they can be healthy.
  • Toddlers learn through imitation, so count out loud and then have your child repeat you.
  • Numbers Around the Globe models a healthy lifestyle by showing that exercise is a fun activity!
  • Around 18 months, children start enjoying simple physical activities such as throwing, kicking, and climbing.
  • By the age of 3, children are able to do more advanced physical activities such as jumping, balancing, and skipping.
Program Educational Values
  • Counting objects from 1 to 5
  • Naming animals
  • Developing rhythm while exercising
  • Developing sense of humor