In a scarce field of opportunities, iCan™ by First Media recognizes the importance of taking an active part in assisting EVERY family and educator on their journey towards shaping the new generation. The iCan™ app was uniquely designed for children with special learning differences, catering to the entire family. We focus on empowerment by creating a safe digital space for independent education while extending the fun and downtime benefits to all family members.

Supervised by top developmental experts, iCan™  was carefully built on visually engaging tools and a self-stimulatory process providing situational practices and differential reinforcement. The endless library of educational videos, games, and books within the app will help promote your child’s cognitive, socio-emotional, and academic skills.

First Media™ is an industry-leading publishing company comprising several multi-platform brands. Millennial-focused – Blossom, So Yummy, Blusher –  have all established loyal audiences, resulting in leading distribution in the US on Social Media and Television. babyfirst™, the 15-year channel dedicated to children, is viewed by 60 million U.S. TV homes and until today has launched over 30 educational apps.