As a parent or caregiver, it’s essential to not only provide your child with entertainment; it’s crucial to ensure that the entertainment they’re engaging in is as wholesome and educational as possible. If you’ve been looking for something new for your baby or toddler to watch that will entertain them while also teaching them valuable life skills, the list below will make a great starting point.

1, 2, 3 Race!

Children who watch this will be introduced to three vehicle friends, Push, Carry and Lift, who enjoy racing against each other and counting at the same time. Each episode involves the tractor, dump truck and crane, all of who meet up to race, encounter different problems and find solutions for them together. When watching, children will not only learn basic counting skills; lessons in the show will also teach them how to solve problems, develop social skills and encourage thinking skills.

Color Crew

The Color Crew comprises a group of friendly crayons that will help children to learn about all of the different colors in the world around them. During each show, the floating hat is assigned to a specific colored crayon, which is then used to color various parts of a picture. This helps children learn to identify the basic colors with ease.

GooGoo and GaaGaa

GooGoo and GaaGaa are two curious babies who are best friends that love to laugh together. Throughout each episode, the friends encounter another strangely shaped friend who attracts their attention, makes them laugh and comes to life as a different musical instrument. The instrument then goes on to teach children about rhythm, music and classical instruments in a way that they will be sure to remember – through fun and laughter.

Harry the Bunny

This show enables children to explore new things and go on exciting adventures with Harry the curious, three year old Bunny, who will teach them several different words and concepts along the way. Children will be able to explore Harry’s back yard, his bedroom and many other fun places without even realizing that they are learning something new with each episode.

Tales & Friends

Tales & Friends introduces young children to many of the classics such as Pinocchio, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Frog Prince and other stories, each of which has been specially retold and adapted for them. Children will be able to recognize their favorite characters from some of the above-mentioned shows while listening to these timeless tales. 

All of the above mentioned shows have been thoroughly screened to ensure that they provide content that is 100% safe and toddler-friendly. However, it’s still strongly recommended that parents and caregivers also spend time watching these shows, as this will help them determine whether they provide entertainment that is satisfactory for their children.