Statistics have revealed that approximately five million children are being home schooled this year – a substantial increase from the 1.7 million who were being educated in this way nine years ago . Technology has not only changed the ways in which students are being taught nowadays; it has made a tremendous difference with regards to where and when children can now learn as well. 

Below are just some ways in which technology has not only simplified, but also improved the homeschooling process.

Introduction of Early Learning Apps

Apps that can be loaded onto smartphones and tablets have made a tremendous impact on simplifying the homeschooling process. Children can access these apps at any time, making them convenient for the times when parents may be busy with other tasks or even while traveling.

Early learning apps like First™ can be used by babies from six months of age, toddlers and preschool-age children to learn to read, recognize the alphabet, identify colors and shapes, learn about animals and even appreciate original music and nursery rhymes.

Students can Learn at their Own Pace

One of the main advantages that parents have experienced with homeschooling is that today’s technology allows their children to learn at a pace that is suited to their specific abilities. As such, this not only allows students with learning disabilities to work through a syllabus without feeling rushed; gifted students also have the option of working through additional study material once their original learning requirements have been met.

Providing Easier Access to Information

There is an aspect that technology has made better than ever for homeschooling students, and it’s the fact that obtaining the information needed to cover study material is now easier than ever. Students who have to use the library to access the internet now stand just as much chance of excelling as those who are fortunate enough to have high speed internet access and a computer or laptop at home to research various topics.

Making Learning Fun

The days of children repeating their multiplication tables over and over again or studying individual words by working with flashcards are long gone. Technology has allowed for the introduction of several fun games and activities that make children more eager than ever to learn, which in turn helps them retain more information. Many children learn far better visually than by studying from textbooks as well, and the use of videos in education has made a significant impact in this regard.

Providing Access to an Online Community

Although many parents feel overwhelmed at the prospect of homeschooling their children, the truth is that the level of support that’s now available online from fellow homeschooling parents and educational communities is incredible. Concerns regarding a child’s progress or finding out how to solve a specific problem is now as easy as sending an email or logging into a dedicated chat group composed of other parents and even educators. 

The amount of homeschooling syllabus options that are available nowadays makes it easier than ever for parents to choose a learning program that will be best suited at catering for their child’s educational needs.