These days, it would be a tall order to try and find children who have not been exposed to any form of mobile apps in their lives. While several of these apps have been designed with children in mind, many others are simply not safe for them to access. If you’re concerned about keeping your kids safe while they’re using a range of online apps, the tips below will help ensure that your children are only exposed to early learning apps that are COPPA-Compliant. 

Potential Dangers of Mobile Apps

No parent likes to think about the fact that it’s possible for children of virtually any age to be exposed to inappropriate content while they’re online – even if they’re only accessing apps that are deemed to be child-friendly. However, it’s possible for even the youngest toddler or child of preschool age to find themselves being redirected to an app or website that is displaying inappropriate content. 

Young children may also end up unknowingly sharing personal information or making several in-app purchases that have not been authorized by a parent or guardian if they happen to access apps that aren’t COPPA-Compliant.

When choosing an award-winning app such as First™, parents will be able to rest assured that their children will be exposed to content that is highly educational as well as entertaining.

Spend Time Online Together

One of the best ways to help ensure that your child remains safe while interacting with mobile apps is to spend time together with them while they’re using them. Getting to know how the mobile apps work that your child will be using will help you learn how to adjust any parental control and safety settings that have been included in them. Research has also revealed that children will also learn a lot more while playing and watching alongside their parents than if they’re simply left to play alone on educational apps.

Take Advantage of Parental Tools and Controls

A number of parental controls and tools are available nowadays that can help keep your child safe while they’re using mobile apps. These work by preventing your child from being able to access unsuitable content while they’re using mobile apps. In some of the child-friendly apps, various parental codes and protective buttons help prevent children from being distracted by advertising or being redirected to sites that may be promoting inappropriate content. 

The First™ app’s safety feature comprises of a lock to digit a new code, which prevents any external content from being accessed through the app.

Only Allow Access to Age-appropriate Apps

Using mobile apps will highly likely be the first way that your young child experiences being online and several of these can help your child develop critical skills such as counting and reading with ease. However, it’s crucial to check each app and ensure that it’s age appropriate for your child – before allowing them to access it. 

First™ offers a wide range of child-friendly educational content created by qualified child psychologists and other industry experts. Parents can opt for a free 7-day trial of the app to see how the content will benefit their children.