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  • Where Is the Acorn? A Flap Book

    Where Is the Acorn? A Flap Book

    Sammy and Eve love to hide things from each other - but their favorite things to hide are their acorns! Babies help their furry friends find the acorns by lifting the flaps. As they search, they will learn words like: "under", "behind", and "inside" For ages 6 months and up. 7" x 6" Learn More

  • Tec the Tractor Plush Toy

    Tec the Tractor Plush Toy

    Your favorite tractor is now available in plush! Take Tec along on all of your adventures and have fun together,don't miss out this soft, cuddly plush toy! Tec the Tractor plush toy measures 5" H x 8" W (tire to tire) x 8" L. Learn More

  • Santa Harry the Bunny + FREE DVD!

    Santa Harry the Bunny + FREE DVD!

    Ho ho ho! Harry the Bunny is here to fulfill your child’s wish list this Christmas! This is the perfect Christmas time friend that is fun all year round. Harry looks just adorable with his red coat and Santa Clause hat. Your child will love cuddling up with this snuggly furry friend. - 16" (heel to ear) Learn More

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    Soft Blocks

    Soft Blocks

    Our soft blocks are just great for stacking and balancing. They feature sweet images of our beloved characters and are extremely light and soft to the touch. These colorful square blocks help encourage your little one's natural inclination to hold, stack, and knock down blocks. Perfect for little hands and physically developing babies and toddlers. Learn More

  • First Books Collection

    First Books Collection

    This great collection contains our First Numbers Book, First Colors book, and First Animals Book! Your little one can choose between learning the number 1 through 12, looking at all the colors on the rainbow, or learning about different and adorable animals. Learn More

  • Plush Collection

    Plush Collection

    The Ultimate BabyFirst Plush Collection is a great gift for babies and toddlers! Let your little one play with our soft and huggable characters. Set includes: - Peekaboo (7" H x 9" L) - VocabuLarry (9"H (seated) x 12" W x 14"L) - Rainbow Horse (8" H (heel to horsehair)) - Tec the Tractor (5" H x 8" W (tire to tire) x 8" L) - Tillie Knock-Knock (13" H (seated)) Learn More

  • VocabuLARRY Plush Toy

    VocabuLARRY Plush Toy

    Your favorite silly parrot is now available in plush! Take Larry along on all of your adventures and learn new words together! VocabuLARRY plush toy measures 9"H (seated) x 12" W x 14" L. Learn More

  • Squeak Plush Toy

    Squeak Plush Toy

    An adorable mouse from Squeak is here! Get your child the huggable, soft Squeak plush toy and transform him into Tizzy, Tog or Toot. That’s right – it’s your child’s choice. The Squeak plush toy comes with three different colored t-shirts, so your baby can change the shirt to match your favorite mouse. Squeak is 13.5" H (heel to ear). Learn More

  • BabyFirst Party Supplies Pack

    BabyFirst Party Supplies Pack

    Make your child's special day a BabyFirst Birthday! Official party supplies featuring popular characters Harry the Bunny, Peekaboo, VocabuLarry and Blossom. This basic party pack includes 8 plates, cups, hats, horns and napkins - all conveniently packaged in one box. Everything you need for your little one's first birthday. Learn More

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