Restoring an existing purchase from the old app is easy as 1-2-3! Follow the instructions below, and your access will be automatically restored:

  1. Make sure you installed the new app using exactly the same Apple ID/Google Play account employed to purchase the previous subscription
  2. Launch the app and attempt playing any paid videos
  3. Use your credentials to sign in to your account, or create a new account if you haven’t yet. If you are signed in, skip to step 4. Whether you’re unsure what email was used to sign in, simply uninstall and reinstall the app, clear any previous registrations, and sign in with a correct email address
  4. Right above the two subscriptions offers, find and tap the RESTORE YOU PURCHASE button
  5. When prompted, enter your Apple ID/Google Play credentials, and allow the app a couple of minutes to complete syncing your App store purchase into your First account. 

That’s it! A new First account will be created for you and your previous purchases will be restored! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further assistance at the “Send us an email” button or by email at