When smartphones made their debut more than a decade ago, there was little to no doubt that these handy devices would revolutionize the mobile phone industry. However, very few people imagined that it would lead to an increasingly popular market for various mobile apps – including several that have been designed specially for babies and young children. 

Below are just a few reasons why more parents than ever before have embraced the use of kids learning apps over the past few years.

Parents can Create Age-appropriate Playlists

When setting up The First™ app, parents will be able to choose from a list of shows that they feel will be age-appropriate for their children to watch and no other shows will be able to be viewed unless a parent changes the preset playlist for them. First™ also has a feature that suggests appropriate content for various times of the day, so children can relax before bedtime with the stories from Tales & Friends or start their morning with some classical music from GooGoo and GaaGaa.

Kids can Learn Anywhere

Mobile phones and tablets can be transported and used anywhere that a reliable internet connection can be obtained. This allows kids to learn by playing various app-based games at virtually any time, such as while traveling or while their parents are busy. When using educational apps, learning is no longer limited by set school hours.

They Provide a More Appealing Learning Platform

Most children are attracted to the animated characters, bright colors and digital sounds that are contained within learning apps – these aspects are far more appealing than those of a plain book or physical paper and pencils. The more appealing the app is, the more fun it makes the learning experience for children of all ages. For example, the team of crayons in the Color Crew show will help children learn to identify all of the basic colors in a fun and engaging manner.

They Help Kids Use Leisure Time more Wisely

Having learning apps available can help ensure that children spend their leisure time more wisely – instead of just aimlessly accessing the internet and running a chance of accessing inappropriate content online. An added advantage of dedicated kids learning apps is that parents have full control over which content in them can be accessed.

They Encourage Sustainability

Traditional methods of learning usually involve the use of several sheets of paper, physical books and pencils, most of which end up in a landfill somewhere after being used. However, using learning apps allows kids to practice the same content over and over again on a phone or tablet screen instead of on paper. 

The First™ app is known for having one of the most extensive ranges of award winning content available online that has been created by child psychologists. Parents and caregivers can sign up for a 7 day free trial to find out more about the variety of content that can be accessed for their children.